For Medical Providers

Medical Liens & LOP Purchasing

Fenelon Capital purchases existing and future accounts receivable from MRI/diagnostic centers, surgeons, ambulatory surgery centers, hospitals, and other healthcare providers. Fenelon will enter into “forward purchase” agreements to purchase newly originated accounts receivable on a recurring basis from providers at pre-determined rates thereby allowing medical practices to treat a class of patients they have previously bypassed due to uncertain future cashflow.

Why Is this Important?

Payments on medical liens are dependent upon resolving patient lawsuits or claims prior to the healthcare provider receiving payment. Healthcare providers who own or provide medical services on medical liens may have to wait years for payments. Selling medical liens provides predictable payments on unpredictable future cash flows from receivables backed by a lien or LOP. By selling, providers eliminate the risk of not getting paid.

Examples of Procedures and Portfolios Purchased

  • Arthroscopy
  • Imaging Studies (MRI/CT)
  • Laminectomy/Laminotomy
  • Medical Implant Devices
  • Orthopedic, Neurological & Spine Surgery
  • Outpatient and Inpatient Surgery Procedures
  • Radiology
  • Rehabilitation
  • Spinal Fusion
  • Spinal Injections/Pain Management
  • Chiropractic


  • Generate more revenue
  • Increase your cashflow
  • Expand your practice
  • Diversify your caseload
  • Guaranteed reimbursement
  • New patients at no expense
  • No extensive paperwork
  • Pre-qualified patients
  • No health insurance worries
  • No waiting for settlement
  • Purchase equipment
  • Market your services
  • Practice acquisition


Is there a minimum/maximum that we fund?

There are no pre-set minimums or maximums when it comes to funding care for accident related injuries. We examine the circumstances of each case to determine how we can best help fund your receivables.  Contact our representatives to discuss your particular case and how we can assist you.

When do I receive my advance for services?

We fund you for eligible charges promptly upon our receipt of your final bill for the services rendered. You will receive your payment via wire the same day you agree to the funding.

How much does this cost?

There are no up-front fees of any kind to use our services. We are not paid until the case has settled and the amount owed is simply the amount of the medical bills.

How quickly can we review a case?

Once we receive all the necessary information, our underwriters will review and notify you with a price we will pay for your liens within 24-48 hours. Often times much faster.

Why should I use you for funding?

Our company goal is to provide the most convenient and user friendly experience to medical practices so you can provide highly qualified care to personal injury accident victims. We eliminate the delay of getting paid for your services while allowing you to grow your business, while helping you maximize the amount you receive from case settlement while reducing overhead expenses for your medical practice.