Welcome to Fenelon Capital

Fenelon provides for the purchase or financing of individual or portfolios of medical receivables backed by a lien or letter of protection which will provide immediate cashflow to your practice. We also provide liability financing for hospitals, clinics, and other medical service providers with high levels of receivables back by a lien. 

Our company goal is to provide the most convenient and user friendly experience to medical practices so you can provide high quality care to personal injury accident victims. We eliminate the delay of getting paid for your services while allowing you to grow your business, while helping you maximize the amount you receive from case settlement while reducing overhead expenses for your medical practice.

For Medical Providers

Generate More Revenue
Increase Your Cashflow
Expand Your Practice
Diversify Your Caseload

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For Attorneys

No Out of Pocket Expenses
Facilitate Referrals to Providers
Saves You Time & Effort
No Health Insurance Worries

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